Casenuove : an estate of complex and elegant grape varieties

Varieties at Casenuove: Sangiovese’s realm

Beyond traditional Sangiovese, the well-known native Chianti Classico variety, cohabits at Casenuove native and international varieties, that bestow its character to Casenuove wines.

Harvest of the voneyard of Tenuta Casenuove

Today the domaine covers 105 hectares including 65 hectares of forest, 2.5 hectares of olives and 28 hectares of vines, of which 14 are currently productive. The vines are scattered around the forest at an elevation of between 350 and 480 metres.

The supreme variety, Sangiovese, occupies 10.5 hectares of the domaine and dictates the character of all the wines. Lightly spiced and very elegant, it has to make up at least 80% of all blends covered by the Chianti appellation. It combines wonderfully well with such great internationally-known varieties as Merlot and Cabernet-Sauvignon, the latter having had a presence in Tuscany for at least 300 years. 5 hectares have been planted since Casenuove was taken over in 2015, with 2 hectares of Sangiovese and the rest being divided equally between Cabernet-Franc and Cabernet-Sauvignon.

With a view of adding even greater complexity to our blends, 2 hectares of Canaiolo have been replanted this year: the appeal of this Tuscan variety, which is also grown in Umbria, is its gorgeous purple colour and soft tannins. We are also looking at Colorino, another native variety. The aim is not to dramatically change the blends but to start working with these neglected varieties again so we can evaluate their potential. This second phase of planting, which began this year, should eventually enable us to increase the planted area by 6 hectares.