Vinification and ageing

High precision work to serve quality of Casenuove’s wines

Since its acquisition by Vignobles Austruy in 2014, many restoration works have been made at Casenuove, in the cellar and in the vines, with one objective: to allow grapes to blossom and reveal their full potential.

A workplace entirely renewed …

In accordance with the philosophy of the Vignobles Austruy, the restauration of Tenuta Casenuove respects the history and the architecture of the estate. The buildings have kept their original function when Tenuta Casenouve was initially built.

In the cellar, renovation and modernization works have started. At Vignobles Austruy, we want to make Tenuta Casenuove a state-of-the-art vineyard with a production chain sustainable and respectful of its environment. The final objective is to reach the highest level in vinification in order to reveal the potential of the 30 ha of the vineyard and restore Casenuove’s fame in the Chianti appellation.

By taking into account the form and volumes of the buildings, we used the oldest rule of wine making, gravitation, thanks to our high ceiling. The space where the freshly picked grapes arrives offers a wide space, used to put vats on the ground in order to facilitate the filling by gravitation.

Concrete vats have been especially designed for Tenuta Casenuove in order to vinify the different plots separately and prolong the rigorous work in the vineyard. This work intends to reveal the full potential of each different parcels of the vineyard. In the vats, the great wines of the estate age like Chianti Classico Riserva, Chiani Classico Grand Selezione and IGT Tuscan.

On the other side of the cellar, inox vats are used for the Chianti Classico. The use of state-of-the-art equipment allows the estate to vinify up to 2500 hL and the modern vinification technique optimize the quality of the wine.

Finally, next to the vinification room, many small excavated rooms from the Galestro constitute protective alcoves for the barrels in which we age our wine. The humidity is fundamental for the vinification and is guaranteed by an old well, discovered during the restoration process. This well is the heritage of the ancient agricultural roots of the estate and makes the link between tradition and modernity at Tenuta Casenuove.

The entire project is really elegant with an authentic and traditional exterior filled with state-of-the art technology.

… to complement our know-how

Although the first two vintages in 2015 and 2016 were vinified under in somewhat chaotic circumstances, 2017 marked a turning point which was consolidated in 2018 with the arrival of new equipment. As for the magnificent stone winery, that is still a work in progress. But the domaine’s wines are already revealing their true potential.

When they reach the winery the grapes are de-stemmed, sorted, lightly pressed then gravity-fed into vats of varying capacities, in order to reflect the upstream process of selecting the grapes from different plots over the course of the year. Fermentation takes place at carefully controlled temperatures to give a gentle start to the vinification process and a gentle extraction of the tannins, with the aid of some light punching-down. The whole aim is to reveal the freshness of the fruit and the elegance of the tannins to best effect.

Following alcoholic and malolactic fermentation the wines are aged in casks, barrels or demi-muids (500 litre barrels), depending on which is best suited to provide the degree of woodiness and the profile one wishes to achieve. They then sit quietly in the winery for between 12 and 18 months before being bottled.

All of our wine techniques are based on a sustainable agriculture. We use very small quantities of copper and sulfur, and completely exclude any chemical fertilizers. Since 2015, we produce Chianti Classico DOCG, Chianti Classico Riserva, IGT, and olive oil.